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Filmmaker - Editing
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  Completed his associate degree program at Nigde University on Radio-TV
Technologies Department and his undergraduate study at Kocaeli University on Radio Cinema TV Department. He took his master degree at Istanbul Beykent University on Cinema and Television Department. He worked as a director of editing
on the channels and programs below;
-TRT News Channel for the programs “Yoldan Çık (Hit the Road)
and Kaos Hattı (Chaos Line)”
- TRT 1 Channel for the program “Referandum Rehberi (Referendum Guide)”
- TRT Documentary Channel for the documents Amerikan Rüyası (American Dream), Büyük Mücadele (Great Struggle) and Pazarlar (Markets).
  He has also worked as director of editing and filmmaker in two feature films and in many commercials. He is also dubbing for videos and commercials in Turkish. He is still working on his field as an expert with professional brands and companies.
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